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A few examples:


Kilian Wawoe

Dr. Kilian W. Wawoe is a Human Resources specialist with 20 years of experience. He started his career as HR trainee at ABN-AMRO Bank, and held different HR jobs in The Netherlands, Monaco, Belgium and India. After 11 years he left ABN-AMRO as regional head of HR for West- and Southern Europe.

Besides his daily job, Mr Wawoe researched different banks on performance improvement in India, Brazil, USA, the Netherlands and Romania. After leaving ABN-AMRO Bank in 2010 Mister Wawoe started his own consultancy on Performance Improvement. He leads HR project in various countries in different countries. He also Works as a part-time professor in Human Resource Management at VU University Amsterdam.

He was elected best professor of VU University in 2013.


Haim Berger

Haim Berger is a behavioral ecologist currently interested in mammalian social interactions and vocal communication.  For years, he has been studying wildlife in Israel, mainly wolves, hyena, golden jackals, foxes. He is also interested in population genetics, largely associated with conservation biology issues.  

He teaches and researches at the Desert Research Institute (Ben Gurion University) in Israel. Haim gives his audience a short introduction into the world of animal behaviour and links it to human behavior with regards to topics as relationships, sex love, curiosity, fear and ranking/positions

Rob van den hoven van genderen.jpg

Robert van den Hoven van Genderen

Professor Dr. Robert van den Hoven van Genderen has a vast history in business and science. Currently, he is director of the Center for Law and Internet of the Law Faculty of the VU University of Amsterdam. In the recent past, he has been an executive legal officer for the European Project Hemolia on anti-money laundering for financing terrorism and advisor for the Council of Europe sand Nato on privacy.

Robert has been the director for regulatory affairs of BT Netherlands and Telfort and secretary Information Policy for the Netherlands Employers Organisation. He has published several articles and books on telecommunication law, IT law, privacy and robot law and lectured on these subjects at different universities in the Netherlands and abroad.


Lauren Gould

Lauren is an Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies at the History of International Relations section of Utrecht University (https://www.uu.nl/medewerkers/LMGould/0).

She is currently engaged in research projects on new strategies of remote warfare in Africa (with a focus on the US military command AFRICOM). 
Lauren is a lecturer at the Centre for Conflict Studies where she teaches in the minor Conflict Studies and the MA Conflict Studies and Human Rights.

She also also supervises 8 MA Conflict Studies and HumanRights students per year.


Ruud Koster

Mr Koster's career started in 1977 when he became a cardiologist in the Wilhelmina Gasthuis in Amsterdam. At the new Academic Medical Center, he fulfilled many different roles, from chief of the Coronary Care Unit to chief of the Emergency Cardiac Care unit. Mr Koster followed training and practiced intervention cardiology and implantation of cardiac devices (pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators, ICD's).

At the same time his research focussed on emergency cardiac care. After that his research centered on management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). A large intervention study of benefit of automated external defibrillators (AED's) was performed between 2000 and 2002. Ever since, he has promoted and followed the very successful introduction of AEDs. At first the devices were placed with police, fire fighters, first responders. Since 2009 they have also been  intensely widespread in residential communities. He retired from the cardiology practice in 2014 but has since dedicated much of his time to the OHCA study.


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Corinne Noordenbos

Corinne Noordenbos is a photographer and educator. She has a long career as a portrait and documentary photographer working for a variety of editorials. In her own projects, she concentrates on daily matters, often with a personal starting point. Her series of Modern Madonna, was made just after she became a mother herself. Her project about Alzheimer after her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Her work has been exhibited all over the world.

Her contribution to education in the Netherlands has impacted on the development of photography internationally. Her former students are now at the forefront of contemporary practice and the development of the book form can be clearly celebrated in the work of former students like Rob Hornstra, Vivianne Sassen and Wassink Lundgren amongst many others. Corinne has been Head of Photography at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague until April 2015.

Noordenbos was born in Amsterdam where she still lives and works. She got her education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. As a freelancer she has worked for a large variety of Dutch magazines making portraits and documentaries.